About Thrive at Home

Welcome to Thrive at Home, a virtual community to support you – the working homeschooling mom!  If any of these statements apply to you, you’re in the right place.

  • I’m professionally employed or running my own business
  • I’m homeschooling one or more children
  • I want a well-run household, homeschool, and career
  • I want my children to have the best homeschool education possible
  • I’m looking for tools to help me succeed

As a former financial advisor and banker, over the past 11 years, I’ve built a successful financial content creation business, birthed two (more) children, started homeschooling my two youngest, now 11 and 8, and moved across Canada six times. Currently, I live, work, homeschool and homestead from my off grid home near  Yellowknife, in Canada’s far north.

If you’re interested in homesteading and self reliance, you may have seen my work over at my other site, An Off Grid Life.

And as of April, 2023, I’m a regular contributor to Food Drink Life, a fast-growing lifestyle site.

Thrive at Home empowers and inspires mothers who are determined to create a thriving home-based life built around family, homeschooling, and career – without compromising their standards of excellence. I provide the digital courses and resources to support YOUR efforts.  Enjoy!