Introducing Our Free One Page Yearly Calendar for 2024

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Are you looking for a simple yet effective way to organize your homeschool year? Look no further. Our one page yearly calendar for 2024 is designed specifically for busy parents and students ages 3 through 18.

2024 one page yearly calendar for kids.
2024 one page yearly calendar for kids. Photo credit: Thrive at Home.

As a homeschooling parent myself, I understand the need for resources that simplify our lives and enhance our children’s learning experience. That’s why I’m thrilled to offer this colorful, convenient, and completely free resource to you!

Free One Page Yearly Calendar

A sample of a 2024 yearly calendar on a blue background.
One page 2024 yearly calendar with space for drawing. Photo credit: Thrive at Home.

Our unique one-page yearly calendar comes in a compact 9 1/2 by 11-inch format. It’s perfect for printing at home and pinning up on your bulletin board or fridge.

With all 12 months of 2024 neatly laid out, you and your children can view the entire year at a glance—planning homeschooling schedules, vacations, and other activities with ease.

One of the most exciting features of this calendar is its customizable design. You can choose from four vibrant colors: blue, green, yellow, or purple.

But that’s not all! The calendar has two versions to cater to your child’s creativity and needs.

Version A includes a fun picture for children to color each month, perfect for those little artists in your home. Version B offers a blank space above each month, inviting children to draw or write their own representation of the month.

Both versions aim to engage your children, making time management and planning a fun, educational activity.

How to Use This Printable Annual Calendar

A one page annual calendar for kids with the word 2024 on it and 12 different coloring spots.
One page 2024 coloring calendar for kids. Photo credit: Thrive at Home.

This one page yearly calendar offers more than a simple tool for organization—it’s a teaching opportunity. It’s designed to help children understand the concept of days, weeks, and months of the year and encourage them to think about planning and goal-setting in a visual and interactive way.

Accessing this wonderful resource is easy. Simply sign up for my weekly email newsletter, and you’ll get this free 2024 calendar directly in your inbox.

You will receive this colorful calendar and weekly updates filled with homeschooling tips, resources, and encouragement to help you homeschool your child while running a busy home-based business.

I created and shared this calendar with the homeschooling community a few years ago, realizing the need for a straightforward yet creative way to help teach our children. The calendar became a beloved tool for many families, known for its colorful appeal and practical design.

So, why not start planning your 2024 homeschool year today? Sign up for my weekly newsletter, download your free one-page yearly calendar, and share this fantastic resource with your homeschooling friends. Let’s make 2024 a beautifully organized and creatively inspired year.

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A 2024 calendar with the words color the picture your own.

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