Welcome to Celebrate It! Grab Bag Good Neighbor Day Activities Pack!

Are you here from the Celebrate It! Grab Bag? Welcome! I’m so glad you’re interested in my Good Neighbor Day Activities Pack.

Do you know your neighbors? Have you had a chance to reach out and “be a good neighbor?”

Showing kindness to others is one of our family ways, and that begins with being kind to those in our neighborhood.

Good Neighbor Day Activities

This print-and-go activities pack is perfect for your children ages 7+. Or even for younger kids if an older sibling or parent is helping out.

Good Neighbor Day – September 28, 2022

What does being a good neighbor mean to you and your family? This special day falls on September 28 every year in the United States. Learn about Good Neighbor Day as a family then choose a few activities to enjoy together.

Use the “Ways to Be a Good Neighbor” checklist to bless your neighbors with these helpful ideas.

Encourage your child to get creative and brainstorm custom ideas for helping other neighbors on your street. Then they can color and fill in the blank coupons with their ideas. Tuck them into an envelope with a friendly “Happy Good Neighbor Day” on the front and pop it in the mailbox or slide it in the door. (Remind your children about safety with strangers or accompany them on this mission.)

Or simply have your child color in the Good Neighbor Greeting Card and complete with a heartfelt message.

The possibilities are endless!