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The Back to Homeschool Bash from Homeschool Blessings is almost here!

Teach your preschoolers and kindergarten kids the basics of days, weeks, months and years with this fun Wall Calendar for KidsActivity Pack!

Thrive at Home Daily Calendar for Kids!

The Wall Calendar for Kids Activity Pack will help you teach your children the foundations of good time management – the calendar!

(Just print, laminate, add velcro, and you’ll be all set.)

Homeschooling and working from home is a rewarding but also challenging life choice, and one that more and more moms make every day. Between school assignments, cash flow analysis, meeting work deadlines, and organizing meal plans, it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed. I know – I’ve been building businesses for 11+ years and homeschooling for nine years.

That’s why I created this site – to help you manage your time and money as you build your business and homeschool.