Christmas Color by Number Math

Looking for a way to keep your young homeschooler working on their math skills over Christmas? You’ll love my new Christmas color by number addition pack! Learn more below.

Christmas is an exciting time of the year and full of activities for homeschooling families. I know we’re busy decorating the tree, making Christmas crafts, Christmas scavenger hunts, and baking delicious treats

For many families, Christmas also means time off from homeschooling, which may lead to losing recently learned skills. This is especially true for math.

One way to keep your child engaged in learning throughout the holidays is by doing math worksheets, like this Christmas color by number addition math pack!

Christmas Color by Number Addition Worksheets

Christmas Color by Number Addition

Everyone needs to master addition at some point in their life. And turning learning math into a game, craft, or fun activity helps kids practice basic math skills and strengthen problem-solving skills. 

Doing Christmas math worksheets for addition can be just as fun and festive as other holiday activities, such as making toilet paper roll Santas, or listening to holiday audiobooks

Plus, it helps keep students’ minds sharp over the break while providing them with valuable math knowledge they can use down the road. 

And as an added bonus, Christmas math worksheets can give moms some time to plan those festive meals. Or even just take a break!

If you’re looking for some free printable worksheets to get started on during the holidays, you’ll find plenty of options available online. 

What You Get

Inside this pack, you’ll find a pack of 3 addition worksheets + 3 answer sheets. They’re specifically designed for early elementary students ages 5 through 8. In other words, senior kindergarten through third grade.

These Christmas color by number addition worksheets include single-digit and double-digit addition problems with color-coded answers.  The result? A pretty page of Christmas ornaments to color. Your homeschoolers practice their addition, create a colorful ornament page, and have fun too.

A Few Tips for Using These Free Christmas Math Worksheets

While older children will likely find this worksheet relatively easy, younger kids may need more help along the way. Especially if they’ve just started learning addition. 

For example, you could provide extra instruction by having them count objects out loud or using index cards or dice to practice counting before tackling any written problems. 

You could also draw simple pictures together and add up how many items are shown in each picture: two trees plus three snowmen equals five figures in total! 

Another great tip is to make things even more fun by turning each math problem into an exciting game or activity. 

You could help them race against the clock, and give your children a time limit to solve each equation.  

Print Your Free Christmas Color by Number Math Worksheets

Grab your worksheet pack right here by clicking on the link below or the image.

The 6-page PDF file should open in a new window, and you can download it immediately.

Christmas color by number math worksheets

Christmas Color by Number Addition
Get your free printable Christmas math worksheets here!

More Free Christmas Resources for You

I hope these worksheets help your homeschoolers stay on top of their math game over the holidays! 

If you’re looking for more Christmas activities, including crafts, music, food, and family activities, you’ll love my 12 Days of Christmas series!

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Christmas Color by Number Math

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