Kids Spring Declutter Challenge

Spring is (almost) in the air and that means it’s time for the seven day kids spring declutter challenge!

Kids Spring Declutter Challenge Printable

Getting kids in the habit of cleaning and decluttering early on makes a big difference down the road.

By including clean-up time as part of every day homeschooling and play-time, your child will get used to picking up after herself.

Yet as winter drags on, it is all too easy to become a bit lax on following up after littles to tidy.

Tips to Encourage Kids to Tidy

Use these tips to stay on track with getting kids to declutter.

  • Build in 10-minutes of tidy time after every activity.
  • Show your child where each toy, book, game, homeschool resource, etc. belongs
  • Use low shelves with bins to catch odd-sized toys
  • Use picture labels on bins or baskets to encourage pre-readers to tidy
  • Set a timer and make a game of tidying
  • Make it a competition between siblings that are close in age to see who can pick up more items to clean up a room

Declutter as a Family

Encourage and inspire your kids to tidy up after themselves with this fun printable. Print it out and post it somewhere they’ll see it.

In your homeschool room or even on the fridge works.

This is a time-limited freebie for subscribers to Thrive@Home.

Grab your free Kids Spring Declutter Challenge printable pack right now!

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