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As a working homeschooling mom, you get the flexibility and freedom to set your own schedule. And the opportunity to educate your children. However, it’s not always easy to juggle these roles and tackle all the homemaking responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed.

Luckily, with some clever planning and effort, you can find the perfect balance that works for you. Check out these 10 top homemaking strategies for working homeschooling moms.

Get organized

Both work and homeschooling will go more smoothly if you have a well-organized home. Using homemaking strategies to get organized means you’ll spend less time looking for things and more time getting things done.

  • Get rid of clutter – any unused or needed items can be sold, donated, or thrown away. Create a space for everything and put things back in place when you’re finished using them.
  • Set up a central command center where you can keep track of everyone’s schedules and important papers.
  • Have a place for everything, and teach your children to put things away when they’re finished with them. It may take some time, but it will be well worth it in the long run – both for your sake and theirs!
  • Dedicate a space in your home for work, and ensure it’s stocked with all the necessary home office essentials.
  • Set up a homeschooling area that’s comfortable and inviting.

Set a schedule

One benefit of working from home is having more control over your schedule.

Use this to your advantage by setting a daily schedule that includes time for work, homeschooling, and family life.

Build in some flexibility to accommodate unexpected events. However, try to stick to your schedule as much as possible.

As you get used to the schedule, you’ll automatically place mental and physical boundaries around work and home life.

Get dressed for the day

Staying in your pajamas all day when you work from home can be tempting. Yet it is not conducive to a productive workday — or homeschool day.

Instead, get dressed for the day as if you were leaving the house. Maybe add a little makeup and do your hair. This will help you get into the work mindset, making it easier to focus on your tasks.

Use a meal plan

Knowing what you will serve for meals ahead of time will save you time, stress, and money.

Not only can you ensure you have all the ingredients on hand, but using a meal plan as part of your homemaking strategies also lets you take advantage of sales and bulk cooking.

Assign chores

Making your house a home is not your sole responsibility. Your family can and should help out with tasks as well.

Make sure everyone has daily and weekly chores that are age-appropriate. This will help to lighten your load and teach your children responsibility.

The housework will be done much faster, so you can move on to other family activities.

Be flexible

After almost 13 years of working from home and nine years of homeschooling, I can tell you there will be days when things don’t go as planned. You know what I mean. The kind of days when you’re late for a Zoom meeting because you spent 10 minutes researching how to clean carpet spills.

Be flexible and willing to adjust your schedule as needed. You’ll be much happier than if you try to stick to a rigid plan that isn’t working.

Make time for yourself

Making time for yourself is important, even when busy with work and homeschooling.

Schedule some time each week for self-care. Do something you enjoy: reading, taking a yoga class, or walking.

Even if you don’t get anything “accomplished” during this time, it’s important to clear your head and recharge your batteries.

Streamline your laundry routine.

Doing laundry takes a lot of time, especially with a large family. Try streamlining the process so it doesn’t take so much time.

For example, do a load of laundry every day instead of letting it pile up.

  • Set aside time to fold and put away everyone’s clean laundry each week.
  • Keep a stash of laundry baskets or hampers in strategic locations throughout the house so everyone can easily deposit their dirty clothes.
  • Consider establishing a family closet – preferably near the laundry room – so all the laundry stays in one central location for the most part.

Take advantage of technology

So many apps and programs are out there to help busy families with homemaking strategies, so take advantage of them. And now that ChatGPT4 is on the horizon, there’s more choice than ever.

Try the following to save time and effort.

  • Use online grocery shopping and delivery services.
  • Set up a digital family calendar that everyone can access.
  • Keep an online shopping list that anyone in the family can add to using a shared Google doc or similar service.

Have multiple areas for working and schooling

There will inevitably be times when you’ll want to be near your children while working. And other times when you need to duck away to somewhere quiet to focus.

Your children may also need to find a quiet place to read or work on schoolwork. Have multiple areas designated for these purposes so everyone can have peace and quiet when needed.

These are just a few tips to help you juggle work, homeschooling, and family life. What’s your best tip? Let me know in the comments!

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Homemaking Strategies for Working Homeschool Moms

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