Simple Christmas Stories for Busy Moms

When your days are full of homeschooling lessons, work projects and deadlines, and seemingly endless household tasks, it can seem tough to find time for holiday activities. Yet even just 15 minutes per day can help establish a Christmas tradition your children will remember. Sharing simple Christmas stories is an easy way to add some holiday spirit to your days.

This post is the fourth in my 12 Days of Christmas series. Find more free Christmas resources and ideas here!

12 Days of Christmas: Simple Christmas Story Ideas for Busy Moms

Share Your Own Christmas Stories

So I know all about having the best intentions for a festive holiday season. Some years I’ve planned out daily activities for the entire month. And then found myself scrambling to fit everything in.

On those days when I didn’t have time for simple Christmas crafts, a 15-minute Christmas music lesson or even an easy holiday scavenger hunt, I’d pull out a Christmas story.

The great thing about this is that you don’t even need a book or tablet. Instead, add a short storytime to your children’s bedtime routine. And make that story about your own favorite holiday memories

My kids loved to hear about the Christmas when I was little… and it didn’t snow – a strange situation in Toronto in the 1980s. Plus they all seem to be fascinated with the idea that at some point in my life I was even a child…

What about you?

I’m sure you have a favorite Christmas story to share from your childhood. Sharing your own holiday story is a good solution for those days when your day got away from you and the holiday planning went out the window.

Christmas Stories from Relatives

Along the same lines as sharing your own holiday stories, sharing the stories your parents or grandparents told you when you were young is a great way to establish or re-enforce the relationships between your children and their family history.

In our home, I share stories my grandmothers told me of Christmas when they were young. One of my grandmothers grew up in Scotland, the other in India and Africa. So Christmases looked very different from our Christmases here in Canada!

However, we always remind our children of the reason for celebrating Christmas – the birth of the baby Jesus.

If possible, try to get your older family members to call or Facetime to share their stories. Or even ask them to record a little video that you can play before bedtime or naptime.

Pioneer Christmas Books

There’s something about the idea of an olden-days Christmas that makes all of us feel cozy, warm, and nostalgic. Reading books about old-fashioned Christmases is another favorite holiday tradition in our home.

And on the days when I do, in fact, have some time to spare, we enjoy working on pioneer and rustic Christmas crafts as a bit of a break from our regular homeschool routine.

Best Christmas Picture Books

I love Christmas picture books. There’s something soothing about flipping the pages of a well-known and well-loved book. About taking the time to revisit and re-examine each page.

These days, all of our children can read very well on their own. Yet we all love cuddling up to read our dog-eared favorite Christmas picture books.

Over the years, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Apple Tree Christmas, The Polar Express, and ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas have all become part of our regular Christmas rotation.

Christmas Around The World Books

Finally, another option I look for when it comes to simple Christmas and holiday stories is to find new books about how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

In our home, our Christmas activities are probably what most people would consider typical North American holiday activities. We bake, sing, decorate our home, and put up a Christmas tree. We read the Christmas story. And exchange gifts. In addition, we also make time to visit or correspond with family and friends.

However, it’s important to me that my kids see how Christmas is celebrated in other regions and countries of the world.

What about you? What are your favorite Christmas stories or books? I’m always looking for new recommendations so I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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