Introducing the April Showers Activity Pack

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Are you constantly on the lookout for engaging activities that blend fun with education for your homeschoolers aged 3 through 7? If so, you’ll love my April Showers Activity Pack.

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I created this pack a few years back when my girls were seven and four. I was a working homeschool mom looking for fun spring printables to include in our weekly routine, and I just couldn’t find anything that fit the bill. So, I created this.

Spring Printables Activity Pack

It’s a fantastic five-page PDF that is perfect for spring. It’s one of my favorite fun printables and includes four delightful activities that children will love.

These activities include a word search, matching game, coloring page, and a Spring Eye Spy game.

This colorful printable pack is designed to help children learn letters, improve their matching skills, and enhance their counting skills too. It’s a fun follow up for the week following Easter, when we work on our Easter Bunny Printable Templates.

How to Use This Spring Activity Pack

Perfect for morning basket time or that much-awaited Friday fun session, it also serves as an excellent supplement to any Language Arts curriculum. Pair it up with a spring poems activity and you’re all set. Plus, it saves you the time and effort of looking for additional resources.

We used it alongside our Sonlight Language Arts Senior Kindergarten and Core B programs.

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Whether you’re looking to break up the monotony of daily lessons, do something fun for spring, or bring a smile to your children’s faces, I know you’ll love the April Showers Activity Pack.

Why I Created The April Showers Activity Pack

As a working homeschool mom, my days are absolutely packed. After meeting deadlines, conducting Zoom calls, and checking math lessons (and corrections), finding time for the “fun” stuff is challenging.

So, this spring printable pack (like all my printables) was born out of my struggle to find time (and resources) for fun moments amidst busy homeschool schedules. I’m thrilled to share this solution with fellow homeschooling mamas facing similar challenges.

How to Get Your Printables

Accessing this printable pack is simple. Just sign up for our newsletter today and download your free copy straight away.

No strings are attached, but remember—it’s available at no cost. For now!

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Educational printables for children themed around "april showers," suitable for ages 3-7, featuring activities such as word search, coloring, and matching games.
Photo credit: Thrive at Home.

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