MYTEKLAB Class Review: Technology Education for Homeschoolers

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Navigating the ever-growing world of online educational resources can be overwhelming, especially when looking for specialized courses in technology education. That’s why I wrote this in-depth MyTekLab technology education review. If you want to add a technology class to your homeschooler’s routine, read on.

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Disclosure: I received access to MYTEKLAB and the live Information Technology course to effectively and honestly review it here. I also get commissions for purchases made through any affiliate links in this post.

As a long-time homeschool mom who works online and studied Computer Science in university, I believe in including technology in every child’s education. So over the past few years, we’ve tried a few different homeschool technology classes and platforms. 

This year, we’re giving MYTEKLAB a whirl. And four weeks in, I’m so glad we did. 

MYTEKLAB Class Review: Online Technology Classes

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MYTEKLAB is an online platform, and my daughter Ava recently enrolled in the Information Technology class for a high school credit.

I enjoy MYTEKLAB because I like how the instructors let the students ask questions while the live class is running, and they answer the questions right away. Also, it helps how the instructors speak slowly and explain everything clearly.

Ava, MYTEKLAB Information Technology 1 class student, age 13

Online Education for Busy Families

MYTEKLAB offers a wide range of online technology classes. Take a look at the course schedule to see current programming classes, coding classes, and other online technology classes for 2023/2024.

How We Discovered MYTEKLAB

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I first heard about MYTEKLAB from another homeschool blogger whose middle school children enrolled in the program.

Her recommendation piqued my interest, and I was curious about what it had to offer, as technology education was on our list of 2023/2024 homeschool goals. So when we had the opportunity to try it out, we jumped at the chance.


Ava has always been fascinated by coding, technology, and software.

When she expressed interest in discovering more about these fields, I knew we had to find a comprehensive yet flexible program that would also fit our busy homeschooling schedule. So, MYTEKLAB’s Information Technology 1 class was the perfect fit, and I am happy to share this MYTEKLAB class review with you.

The Enrollment Process

The enrollment process in this online tech class for kids was seamless. The website is straightforward, providing all the necessary details about the courses offered.

Once we selected the IT class, we promptly received login details via email and accessed the platform immediately.

Course Structure and Content

My daughter’s Information Technology class, runs the whole school year, from the end of August to April, with one live hour-long session each week. 

The course is a smorgasbord of technological topics—ranging from 2D game art and web design to an introduction to robotics. Alongside weekly assignments, a capstone project allows students to showcase what they’ve learned.

Skills Acquired

Ava has already picked up some essential tech skills in just four classes.

She learned how to create pixel art, a skill she’s proud of, and got introduced to the basics of IP addresses—a topic she found intriguing.

Platform Usability

Navigating this platform is a breeze. Their user interface is easy to follow, and many tutorial videos guide students every step of the way. 

The robust support system sets MYTEKLAB apart from other online technology classes we’ve tried. Live chat support is available during classes; and their customer service, technical support, and educational support are just an email away.

About the Instructors

The brains behind MYTEKLAB are Stephen and Jacky Souders. 

Jacky, a veteran teacher with over ten years of experience, brings educational expertise. Stephen’s IT and web design background and a Master’s Degree in Computer Information Systems provide the technological backbone. 

The combination makes for a well-rounded educational experience.

Student Engagement

One of the most striking aspects of this tech ed program for kids is its focus on engagement. Ava has been very engaged, thanks to the platform’s gamification features. 

Students earn points for completing assignments and interacting in the classes, making learning more interactive and enjoyable.

This works well for students who love gaming, and those who want to work on goal setting through achieving a specified number of points for activities.

Flexibility and Time Commitment

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Another feature we really like is the flexibility, a must-have for our family. 

Multiple time slots for the live classes meant fitting it into our homeschooling schedule was a cakewalk. 

If Ava misses a class, recorded sessions are available for later viewing. They’ve even introduced a new Flex Paced class option, enhancing the platform’s adaptability. 

Flex-paced classes offer a tailor-made learning experience with weekly recorded lessons so students can learn on their own schedule. 

The course content gets continuously updated to keep pace with fast-evolving technology trends. 

These recordings are released every Monday to ensure students stay current with the latest tech advancements. And with no set assignment deadlines, Flex Pace allows students to work through the material at their own pace.

Value for Money

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In terms of investment, this reasonably priced high school-level course is worth every penny. With no additional costs for software or materials, the upfront cost covers it all. 

Considering the high-quality instruction and the diverse range of topics covered, it’s an excellent value for the price.

Final Thoughts

After one month of the Information Technology 1 class, we really like MYTEKLAB. Some of the benefits include comprehensive course content, highly qualified and engaging instructors, excellent support and flexible scheduling.

Note: while the Information Technology 1 course is a great fit for Ava as an introductory course, if you’re homeschooling an older high school student or a child with extensive technology expertise, you may want to consider one of the more advanced courses offered by MYTEKLAB.

In a nutshell, in today’s ever-changing landscape, our children need quality technology education. The expert instructors equip your child with the skills needed to thrive in a tech-driven world.

And for homeschooling parents seeking a tech-focused education platform that provides high-quality instruction, flexibility, and excellent support, I wholeheartedly recommend MYTEKLAB.

In fact, we’ve been so impressed by our experience that I was excited to write this class review. I plan to enroll my younger daughter in one of their other courses next year, so stay tuned for my next review!

Learn more about MYTEKLAB technology education for homeschoolers below. Then contact Jacky ( to grab your discount and save $15 per month!

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