23 Beef Air Fryer Recipes to Save Time in the Kitchen

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If you’re a self-professed carnivore and love air fryer recipes, you’re in luck! These beef air fryer recipes are going to make any busy weeknight so much easier. We’ve rounded up meals that can (mostly) be made in 30 minutes or less, excluding marinating. 

A collage of three meat dishes: grilled steak garnished with parsley, skewered beef with bell peppers, and meatloaf topped with a tomato glaze.
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Using the air fryer is a great way to save time in the kitchen during the school year when you’re already so busy with schooling, the kids’ activities, and the upcoming holidays. Not only will you cut down on dinner prep time, but in many cases, these dishes can help you cut fat, too. 

The next time you make burgers, steaks, or meatloaf, reach for your air fryer basket instead of a frying pan or grill. This appliance will quickly become your favorite thing in the kitchen.

Tips for Cooking in the Air Fryer

  • Use minimal oil. When it’s required, make sure your oil has a high smoke point and can withstand high temperatures. Avocado oil and regular vegetable oil are good choices. We don’t generally recommend olive oil for this purpose, but some recipes do call for it in small amounts.
  • Choose lean ground beef when possible to minimize grease spatter, which can cause your air fryer to get a little smoky.
  • To prevent smokiness, add a couple of tablespoons to the bottom of your air fryer basket when cooking something that involves grease draining off. Adding bread underneath the basket to catch the grease is another option.
  • Use a meat thermometer. This is so important, especially when you’re getting to know your air fryer. Ensure that your beef recipes come to a safe temperature of at least 145°F for steaks and roasts or 160°F for ground meats.

Helpful Kitchen Tools

Make your life easier by outfitting your kitchen with the right tools. Here are some of my favorites.

Air Fryer Ground Beef Recipes

Ground beef and your air fryer are the perfect combination when you’re a busy homeschool mom. Choose a few recipes from this list to add to your meal plan. Add some sugar cookies for dessert and you’ll be all set!

23 Best Beef Air Fryer Recipes

If you're looking for delicious and effortless meal ideas, our roundup of air fryer beef recipes has you covered. The air fryer is a game-changer in the kitchen, allowing you to cook your favorite beef dishes to perfection with minimal effort and cleanup.

That rounds out this list of beef air fryer recipes. Do you use your air fryer a lot? Leave your favorite recipe or air fryer cooking tip in the comments!

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Image collage with text "23 Easy Beef Recipes for the Air Fryer." Includes photos of various beef dishes, such as sliced steak, spring rolls, and beef with broccoli over rice. Website: thriveathomecentral.com.

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