Easy Christmas Paper Chains

As a child, one of my favorite holiday traditions was making paper chains with my sister. This has to be one of the simplest Christmas crafts for kids and adults alike. When you’re looking for ways to get into the holiday spirit but don’t have a lot of time, these easy Christmas paper chains are just what you need.

Paper Snowflake Chains

If you have older girls – ages 10+, sometimes it can be tough to get them interested in family activities – let alone holiday crafts. This one could be a good fit.

Make tiny paper snowflake chains for a delicate and pretty craft perfect to decorate a wooden shelf or tabletop tree. All you need are scissors, white paper, and some inspiration. Use nail scissors for more precise cutting.

Need the steps on how to make a paper snowflake chain? These posts should help.

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  3. Beth Noble – Beth’s Paper Chain Snow Flakes

Traditional Christmas Ring Chains

When it comes to easy Christmas paper chains, this method is the simplest. And it is a good choice to use with children who are just learning to use a scissors. Safety scissors, construction paper, a ruler and a pencil are all you need.

Choose to make chains all in one color, alternating red and green, or a multi-colored version. We’ve made these and then decorated them with stickers and markers too.

  1. National Trust Organization How to Make Festive Paper Chains
  2. WikiHow Make a Simple Paper Chain
  3. How Stuff Works How to Make Paper Chains for Kids

Want a more sophisticated version of this traditional Christmas paper garland? Try using different paper. Leftover wrapping paper, folded twice to make it a little stronger works well.

Another option is to use pinking shears instead of regular scissors to get a pretty patterned edging.

Star Christmas Garland

One of our favorite family holiday traditions is creating old-fashioned and rustic pioneer Christmas crafts. We use whatever supplies we can find on hand. This year, we have a ton of brown wrapping paper. Too many Amazon purchases I think!

Anyhow, brown wrapping paper makes GREAT paper chains. Some people iron their paper before getting started, but I don’t have time. I just smooth it out, fold it over, and start cutting.

This is a great craft for homeschoolers who have been studying pioneer days. We read a book from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairies series pretty much every year. And the kids all love hearing about their Christmas traditions. In one of the books, Laura mentions how Ma Ingalls cuts out pretty paper chains to decorate her whatnot cabinet. And so we were inspired!

Here are instructions and patterns for inspiration.

  1. Siri Homemade Ideas How to Make a Paper Chain of Stars
  2. AS World How to Make Origami Paper Chain of Stars (very easy)
  3. Little House on the Prairie Heart and Star Garland

Your Easy Christmas Paper Chain

So I’d love to add to this post. Send me your favorite Christmas paper chain or garland patterns!

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