15 Shamrock Crafts for Kids text overlay on collage of many different shamrock crafts for kids to do

15 Shamrock Crafts for Kids

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It is the first of March and that means that St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Whether or not you’re Irish, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day just became a little easier for busy homeschool moms. These 15 shamrock crafts for kids are easy to make.

15 Shamrock Crafts for Kids text overlay on collage of many different shamrock crafts for kids to do

Finding time for arts and crafts can challenge working homeschool moms. After all, you’re juggling Zoom meetings and kids, meal planning, homemaking, and homeschool as well.

If you’re anything like me, it’s all too easy to focus on the academic homeschooling curriculum goals and miss out on fun craft activities. Yet finding ways to include simple, fast arts and crafts in your day will help you and your children destress.

When I started including a regular arts time in our homeschool routine, I found the budding homeschool behaviour problems that were emerging with my two youngest children quickly disappeared. There’s just something about creating together that calms us all down!

That’s why I’m always on the lookout for simple crafts to complete in under 30 minutes. And these 15 shamrock crafts for kids fit the bill.

Involve your kids in some fun and family-friendly St. Patrick’s Day celebrating by making crafts.

15 Simple Shamrock Crafts for Kids

Shamrocks are a staple of St. Patrick’s Day, and these crafts are perfect for decorating your home this St. Patrick’s Day. 

Here are 15 shamrock crafts for kids to make this year.

15 Fast Shamrock Crafts for Kids

Looking for a fast shamrock craft to try this St. Patrick's Day? Here are 15 shamrock crafts for kids to make with items you likely already have on hand. You'll find everything from green pepper stamped shamrocks to coffee filter shamrock crafts.

These crafts are perfect for time-strapped homeschool moms looking for fun arts and crafts activities to include in a busy homeschool day.

  1. Shamrock Art Project
  2. Green Pepper Shamrock Stamps
  3. Easy Shamrock Craft 
  4. St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Craft 
  5. Yarn Wrapped Shamrock Craft 
  6. Torn Paper Shamrock Craft 
  7. Bubble Wrap Shamrock Craft
  8. Easy Rainbow Shamrock Craft with Oil Pastels
  9. Easy Shamrock Craft
  10. Mosaic Paper Shamrocks
  11. Fingerprint Shamrock Craft
  12. Paper Plate Yarn Weaving Shamrock Craft
  13. Coffee Filter Shamrock Craft
  14. Shamrock Craft 
  15. Children’s Hand Shamrock Craft 

Grab some arts and crafts supplies for your shamrock crafts for kids AND your spring and Easter crafts too!

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