Labor Day Activities for Kids

Having a few Labor Day activities for kids on hand can be beneficial in many ways. Not only can they be used to teach the history of this day, but it’s also something fun to do over the long weekend.

This is the perfect time to make some end-of-summer family memories before starting a new homeschool routine in September.

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Keep reading for some of the best ways to teach your young children about this national holiday. Look online for a few fun community worker crafts to do as a family. For example, make these cute community helper hats.

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Labor Day Activities for Kids

Importance of Labor Day: The History

Teaching the history of this day is an excellent opportunity for kids of all ages to learn about the meaning of Labor Day, how our current labor force works today, work ethic, and more. Typically observed on the first Monday of September, Labor Day is rooted in the 19th century with a labor movement filled with passionate labor activists.

Basically, activists wanted a special day to celebrate workers and their hard labor (or work) that contributed to the strength and well-being of America.

From construction workers to postal workers, every job was seen as an essential piece of building the American country. It’s also worth mentioning that there was also child labor back in those days!

Labor Day Activities for Kids

When teaching kids about important concepts, using activities is one of the best ways to do it. It creates a fun environment that isn’t boring and will keep them intrigued. Use your imagination to create fun Labor Day activities in your own backyard or on a field trip.

Use the ideas below to help introduce the meaning of Labor Day in a way the entire family can participate in and enjoy.

Learn About Community Helpers

In the days leading up to Labor Day, you can begin highlighting different community workers, their jobs, and how they help the community.

Some of the most popular are firefighters, police officers, postal workers, construction workers, etc. Take time to read books, watch videos (you can find lots on YouTube), and discuss what your kids may already know about them. 

Take Baked Goods to Community Workers

Once you’ve introduced a variety of community workers to your kids, consider baking some delicious food and dropping it off as one of your Labor Day activities for kids. This is something the whole family can do together!

Be sure to call ahead of time to ensure it’s okay to do and check for any food allergies. 

Write Thank You Cards to Various Workers

Whether you decide to make a special treat or not, your kids can always write thank you cards and notes to give to various workers. This is a perfect way to show your appreciation for American workers and what they contribute to your community.

Visit a Local Museum

Most local museums have a section that highlights Labor Day-related moments in history, especially as they relate to your specific area. If physically visiting a museum isn’t possible, consider a virtual field trip to a place like the American Labor Museum.

This museum is dedicated to helping others understand the roots of work, workers, and the labor movement.

Check for Local Special Labor Day Events

Check your town’s calendar to see if they are hosting any special events such as a Labor Day parade, a special carnival (or amusement park), or other fun things at a local park. If your town isn’t hosting something, consider doing your own thing with your family in your backyard.

Grill some hot dogs, pop some fresh popcorn (and use food coloring to make them red, white, and blue), and play a few games!

Free Labor Day Crafts and Activities

These friendly activities and crafts are a great addition to the ideas above and are perfect for children of all ages. In most cases, there isn’t anything extra you need, and you’ll most likely be able to use supplies you have on hand.

Final Thoughts

As Labor Day weekend approaches, use the ideas above as a great way to show how labor and hard work have helped make the United States what it is today. Create a quick lesson plan and do a little planning to create an amazing Labor Day weekend.

What are some ways you teach and celebrate Labor Day? Let me know in the comments below!

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