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Do your children play a musical instrument? Three of my kids have taken piano lessons. And whether your kids play piano, flute, violin, or the trumpet, you know that it can be tough to get them into the habit of daily practice. That’s why I created this printable music practice log pack.

A printable music practice log is a fun way to keep track of the time spent practicing music exercises. 

This year in our homeschool, we’re focusing on goal-setting, habit tracking, and time management. So I started looking for a habit tracker, piano practice chart, or music practice tracker for my fourth-grade and seventh-grade students.

At first, we used a music practice journal, but my older daughter asked for a different way to track her progress.

When I searched online, I found several music practice sheets with spots for detailed records of practice sessions. They were pretty plane-jane, though. And a little TOO detailed for the kids. 

At this point, we need a quick and easy way to monitor progress in establishing a daily music practice habit. The girls do their piano lessons for kids right after morning basket time.

They like the daily routine. Using trackers and logs helps them to set realistic goals for improvement over time.

That’s why I created this fun printable music practice log pack for kids.

Advantages of Using a Printable Music Practice Log

Music practice trackers text overlay on printable music practice log pack cover image.

Like our other habit trackers, our music practice logs help establish daily routines and rhythms in our homeschool day. And the girls LIKE coloring in their music notes.

It’s the best way to teach accountability and encourages planning, time management, and organization.

I’ve also noticed they’re more motivated to practice their piano lessons daily, and they’re more enthusiastic about their music lesson when they see their progress on a music practice chart.  My older daughter has also used them to track her how-to-sing homeschool curriculum lessons.

Using these trackers is a wonderful way for them to meet their weekly practice goal of 100 minutes by breaking it down into daily practice times. 

Note: A good friend of mine recommended Playground Sessions (affiliate link) for our homeschool piano lessons. We LOVE it.

In fact, I love it so much that after a year of the girls taking lessons, I got my own account so I can learn to play the piano too!

And for music appreciation, we’re now in our third year as members of Gena Mayo’s Music in Our Homeschool (affiliate link) program.

Tips for Using a Printable Music Practice Log 

Flexible music practice tracker for 30 days

Every family has different expectations, routines, and daily schedules. So your goals for music practice will differ from ours.

You might homeschool younger students. Or older.

You might have extra-curricular activities three nights a week or not have much time to practice on the weekend.

The beauty of this music practice log planner pack is that it offers several different options.

To get the most out of it, remember these tips.

  1. Set realistic goals & objectives for your kids’ daily practice goals. That could mean practicing five times a week with weekends off. 
  2. Encourage consistency by scheduling regular practice times each day or week.
  3. Review their progress at the end of the week.
  4. Explain to your children how to track their music practice time progress daily to meet their long term goal. 
  5. If your child misses a day of music practice, don’t worry. Encourage them to practice today and to continue again tomorrow.
  6. Even pre-schoolers can use these music practice logs because all they need to do is to color in the music notes on the days they practice!

Music Tracker Printables Pack

This music tracker printable pack includes the following:

Monthly practice trackers and printable practice log for music.
  • 1 30-day flexible music practice tracker
  • 4 different weekly music practice logs (4,5,6 and 7 x a week music practice options)
  • 13 different monthly music practice trackers (including a 29-day April leap year tracker)

Use these printables with your homeschool music students, including piano students!

Note: These digital downloads and free printables are for personal use only. Please contact for more information.

Printable Music Practice Log Pack {PDF Templates to Print}

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Printable habit trackers and practice logs help children see their progress in sticking to healthy habits. In my experience as a mom for the past 30+ years, music practice logs can be an incredibly helpful tool for children learning to play an instrument. 

They provide structure and accountability during the week. And they can offer a child a visual representation of their consistency and progress with music practice over time. With a little encouragement, filling out a music habit tracker or practice log daily helps to establish a daily music practice routine.

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