30+ Fun Stem Activities for Middle School

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There are lots of fun STEM activities for middle school students. and these can be used to enhance learning in many ways. If you haven’t added STEM to your homeschool lesson plans yet, this post will help you do just that. You’ll find a variety of activities that accommodate just about every subject for middle schoolers!

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What is STEM?

If you’re new to using STEM, you may be unfamiliar with it. In short, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. There are also STEAM activities, which simply add the Arts.

Overall, STEM was created as an educational policy that would help intentionally address subjects and concepts often overlooked in the classroom. 

It also allows teachers and parents to uniquely add these homeschool science and math subjects in a fun way through hands-on activities, projects, experiments, and the like. It’s a great way to enhance critical thinking for younger and high school students.

Using STEM activities is also an excellent opportunity to work on problem-solving skills, math concepts, learn the scientific method for kids, explore the engineering design process, and tap into student creativity. 

Keep reading for a massive roundup of middle school STEM activities.

Fun STEM Activities for Middle School Students

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I’ve grouped the activities according to popular STEM topics to make it easier for you to navigate. Be sure to save this post so you can easily access it at any time.

Also, it’s easy to adapt each science experiment or STEM activity to a different grade level. So if you’re homeschooler older students this school year, adding a STEM activity is a perfect way to include the whole family.

Science Experiments

These science experiments use various materials to teach science in different ways.

Technology Activities

The education world is changing fast. Younger students are learning about coding earlier and earlier. Choose one of these as a great activity to use simple materials to introduce technology to your elementary students as well as your middle schoolers.

Engineering Projects

Math Challenges

Middle School STEM Challenges

Middle school homeschool STEM activities
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Do your kids love hands-on activities? Mine do. That’s why I’m always looking for the best science kits for homeschool families. Sometimes, we create our own, especially when it comes to STEM. These easy STEM challenges are fun activities meant to challenge your middle schooler.

Catapult Challenge (Vivify STEM)

This unique challenge involves giving your students a variety of materials to work with. You can make them all available or limit the amount they can choose. Then, once they’ve made their choice, please give them time to use what they picked to make a catapult. Have them test their catapults accuracy and power.

Hurricane STEM Challenge (Carly & Adam)

What better way to see how hurricanes work than to challenge your middle schooler to make one. This project will teach your students how to build a hurricane-proof home and they’ll be able to test for durability.

STEM Challenges for Kids Who Love Games (Student Savvy)

If you have a student who loves games, they will love these ideas by Student Savvy. There are many choices: Code a Video Game, Make a Pinball Machine, Foosball Table Challenge, and more. You’ll fund a fun stem challenge for older kids and younger kids too!

A Week of STEM Challenges (The Ardent Teacher)

Easily add STEM learning to your lesson plans with this week’s worth of STEM challenges. You’ll find a stem activity for each day.

Middle school children will learn how to build a tower with newspapers, make an army man launcher, and more. The best part is that you’ll most likely have many supplies necessary to complete the challenges. (Think craft sticks, ice cream, and pipe cleaners.)

So no need to worry about spending any extra money.

Final Thoughts

You can do many other things with your middle schooler that can make hands-on learning a lot of fun. From paper airplanes to balloon-powered cars, incorporating simple STEM projects is the way to do it.

STEM education is perfect for kids of all ages and will help them have a great time while learning. Which STEM projects are you most excited about doing with your middle schooler?

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30+ Fun STEM Activities for Middle School

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  1. My twins have been talking about model rockets for a few weeks, so the soda bottle rocket project caught my eye. I think we’ll try that out as a summer activity. If they’re still interested, we can dig into model rockets after that! Thanks for the great list of ideas!

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