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What’s The Best Homeschool Planner for Working Moms?

When it comes to the best homeschool planner for working moms, ideally, you want it to include spots for homeschool planning as well as home and work responsibilities.

I realize this can be tough, especially when looking for the perfect planner that combines the two seamlessly. If you have more than three or four kids, or run several business/sites as I do, it’s really hard to fit everything into one planner. So what is a working mom to do? Keep reading to find out that and more!

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Why Use a Homeschool Planner

There are a number of reasons why I recommend a homeschool planner, but the most important is to help you stay organized. When you’re simply homeschooling, that’s one thing. However, when you’re managing a full working homeschool moms schedule, you’ve just added the potential to be extra stressed and overwhelmed. Planners were put in place for that very reason… to minimize being unorganized.

Another reason why you should consider using a homeschool planner is to help become (and stay) consistent with educating your children.

I can’t tell you how many times my planner has helped me stay consistent with lesson plans. It’s easy to get off track, and maybe even a little lazy, but when you take the time to plan out your days, weeks, and months ahead, it becomes easier to follow through.

Last but not least, homeschool planners help you (and your children) be productive and meet your homeschooling goals. This goes hand in hand with being consistent but takes it a step further. If you get into the habit of writing out your children’s lesson plans, things needed to make it happen, and so on, you’ll find yourself getting it all done.

Digital or Paper Planner?

Before the surge in our technologically advanced society, there wasn’t even such a thing as a digital planner beyond the calendar that came on cell phones. However, these days you are able to purchase digital planners that are compatible with most tablets and cell phones. You can get a number of things added to it to make it fit to your unique needs and reuse the same templates over and over.

Paper planners are perfect for people who like to write things down on something tangible. I just so happen to be a paper planner user and I love having something physical to refer to. It’s also nice to have something to physically decorate, doodle on, and carry around. However, I’m likely older than you (hello, 50!) so I could be a bit old-school.

As for which option is best for you, you’ll have to decide which you prefer. Some moms are techie people, so it works best if they can get a digital planner. Other moms are pen and paper people, so having a paper planner would best suit their needs.

What to Look for in a Homeschool Planner When You Work from Home

I actually use two different planners and have for years. I use one for homeschool and one for work.

My work planner which has a master calendar that includes dates for both. It also has all of our family and household dates.

Perhaps you’d like to use two planners as well. Regardless of which way you plan to go on your planner route, there are a few key things to look for in your homeschool planner.

A layout you love.

As a recovering planner-addict, my first piece of advice is do not settle.

Make sure your planner includes a layout that you love and can easily work with. If you write big, consider getting a layout with tons of writing space. If you prefer a mix of lines, boxes, sections for dooling, adding sticky notes, etc., then look for those options. 

Spreads that offer months at a glance.

With a month-at-a-glance spread you’re able to jot down everything for the upcoming month in one place. This is also a great place to merge any important work related appointments, tasks, and projects so you don’t overbook yourself (or your family).

Lesson planning pages are a must.

Even if you use a boxed curriculum that comes with done-for-you plans, you’ll enjoy having space to write down your own lesson plans. These don’t always have to be super detailed. It’s just nice having the space to write down supplies needed for a certain project, a field trip plan, or simply page numbers for quick reference in a book.

Homeschool journey specific forms.

Think about your children’s age, grade, and stage of homeschooling. If you have a high schooler, then grade keeping is probably at the top of your to-do list. If you have a child who is approaching high school, then having a four-year high school could be important. Perhaps you need to keep up with attendance to comply with homeschooling laws. Look for these specific forms as you’re looking for the perfect homeschool planner.

5 Best Homeschool Planners for Working Moms

After reading why you need a homeschool planner and what to look for in one, I’m sure you’re wondering what are the best ones to consider. Below are five of the best homeschool planners I’ve found, especially for working moms:

In conclusion, the best homeschool planner for you, working mom, is going to be one that accommodates all the different facets of your schooling and working life. Be sure to look into all the characteristics that planners have to offer and go with one that best suits your needs. And remember, DON’T SETTLE!

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What's The Best Homeschool Planner for Working Moms? text overlay on image of desk

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